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How to neutralize fear called “skateboard”

You start playing skateboard and wanting to practice in a skatepark, but the fear of falling off and being ridiculed always stops you?

So do I. I remember the first time I ride a skateboard in a skatepark near my house, I dropped off and almost all skateboarders there laugh at me, I was ashamed, came back home and cried.

But I didn’t quit, I am still playing skateboard until now and not feeling intimidating at all. Do you want to know why? Keep reading until the end.

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Skateboarding brings to you a lot of fun, but you are not feeling fun if you aren’t comfortable. So, I will give you some tips to pass the fear and become more confident while skating in a skatepark.

1. Go to the park earlier than others

This is simple but you probably haven’t thought about it. Skateboarders hardly go to the skatepark early, so this is a good chance for you. Take advantage of any minutes and hours to learn tricks and have fun. If you fall, you won’t worry about others.

Plus, you can totally enjoy the feeling of how to ride the skatepark. I prefer skating in the morning because it is the time when the skatepark is the quietest. Therefore, you will have more space to practice than that in peak time, when other skateboarders could distract you by getting in your path and vice versa.

Do not try to practice many tricks, instead of that, choose one to three tricks to focus on. When you are a master on those tricks, obstacles are not your problem, you can handle them and gain more confidence. If you can land the tricks well you may get respect from other skateboarders.

2. Be positive

Skateboard is a sport that is largely affected by the players’ mental. You will feel uncomfortable if you keep thinking about negative things like what if I fail that trick? What will happen if I fall?

Take it easy, start with a simple trick. You will learn nothing if you don’t fail, so instead of hating it, make it become your friend. To get the motivation you can go on youtube to watch how some skateboarders become really famous.

They all start from their failure to the very legendary tricks. As long as you make up your mind, follow it to the end despite the challenges try to stop you. You can see all skateboarding articles at Skateadvisors where you could find a lot of rewarding information like this to support you.

3. Be fun

Why do you choose to skateboard? Whatever the reason is, you have to put the fun come first. If you think skateboarding is something you do to get noticed or to make money from that, you are destroying the true value of skateboard. When you have fun, you can reduce and are more likely to create tricks which then give you better skills.

4. Keep practicing

There is no straight, determined path to success but to practice and gain experience from your failure. The more you practice, the more failure you have and of cause the more skills you get. Let take Rodney Mullen is an example.

He spent hours a day in his parents’ garage to master his tricks and hard work finally pay off. He received many awards and money and he raises his own skateboard company. Can you do the same thing? Of cause yes, just believe in yourself!

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